1. The purpose of the student Wall of Fame is to highlight extraordinary achievements by students, either during or after their studies.
  2. The achievement could be winning a prize or a competition, or be related to:
    • Academic achievement (results);
    • research;
    • innovation;
    • entrepreneurship, preferably having made a social impact in a technical discipline.
    • In the case of candidates who have inspired in the field of sport and culture, the emphasis is on:
      • the combination of both outstanding academic results and outstanding sporting and cultural achievements;
      • whether the degree programme has made a visible contribution to the further development of the sport or cultural activity.

  3. The achievement has to be innovative, distinctive and/or creative.
  4. The achievement should be something that relates to students’ experiences and serves to inspire other students.
  5. If the achievement is the winning of a prize, the prize must have ‘substance’ (large number of entrants, national/international, etc.).
  6. Student projects merit a place on the student Wall of Fame if they are markedly better than ‘normal’.
  7. Candidates on the student Wall of Fame are current TU Delft students, TU Delft alumni, or TU Delft PhD students.

The work of the evaluation committee

  1. In the case of a group achievement, the group is placed on the Wall as a whole.
  2. Every year the faculty, in consultation with the Faculty Student Council, puts forward a selection of candidates for the student Wall of Fame. 
  3. Anyone may apply to the evaluation committee for a place on the student Wall of Fame (for themselves or for someone else). A brief (100 word) statement explaining the reasons is important.
  4. After receiving an application, the evaluation committee will, in consultation with the Faculty Student Council, ask the relevant faculty for its opinion on the proposed candidate. 
  5. In cases of doubt, the final decision shall rest with the evaluation committee. 
  6. Candidates who are approved will only be placed on the student Wall of Fame after they have given their consent.
  7. Candidates are added once a year. 
  8. The decision of the evaluation committee may not be appealed.

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